Team Firebrand's 2017 Celebration! 

Everyone knows that Firebrand loves to celebrate the previous year successes in style and this year it was decided that Otematata was our repeat destination! 

We were game and instead of doing a single night trip, we decided to make a weekend of it.  After an extraordinary Friday we were well warmed up and come 4pm were ready to begin the trip. Because of our still growing team we needed more room than ever before, taking a 12 seater van, the ‘fire-truck’ AND the Firebrand SUV, together they got us there in comfort and style!

We are lucky that our awesome team leaders Bex and Paul have a 6 bedroom crip in Otematata, and with another crib right across the courtyard that makes itself available for rent with 8 bedrooms we were perfectly housed. Upon arrival we quickly got to task and the festivities began with a massive feed of fish and chips and then the night truly began with the party finishing up around midnight.

On Saturday we woke to the sound of rain on the sound of the roof which threw off our plans a little! Decision was made to make our way to Omarama which hosts the Hot Pools which served as an amazing recovery tool with some of the team still recovering from the night before. The weather quickly turned (for the better!) and it was time to cut some laps around the lake and tear around on the biscuit and wakeboard.

Following the now well entrenched Tradition, on Saturday night we had our yearly court session where each team member gets pulled up for our various individual antics from the past year! 

Following the court session, we headed to the Otematata Eatery, Bar & Lodge for dinner which was freaken amazing! We absolutely LOVED the food. Saturday proved a big one with some of the team members enjoying the beautiful skies and a few sounds until the very early hours of the morning.

On Sunday morning, the trip home was most definitely quieter than the one up! A stop in Kurow for coffee and eggs - a reasonably quick trip home followed.

There is no real explaining a weekend away with the people you spend so much time with during work hours. Building upon the friendships and connections outside of work and in such a safe, fun and supportive environment....AMAZING. These are the very real foundations of our team. 

What a weekend! Thank you to Bex, Paul and the social club for making it happen! We can’t wait to see what 2018 has instore for us! See you in the New Year!