Traffic Light Bandana's Gets the Green Light!

Traffic light bandanas represent the dangers you may face when approaching a dog.

Sometimes 'a man's best friend' isn't as friendly as you think! Traffic Light Bandana’s is an eCommerce store that sells bandana’s that represent the nature of the dog. Whether it is approachable or not, these characteristics are represented in traffic light colours. Green being easily approachable, yellow representing a dog that may be deaf or blind (and therefore be vulnerable). Orange reflects dogs that are unpredictable and can sometimes have behaviour that you should steer clear of. Lastly red is a bandana that should be worn by dogs that are not approachable and do not like socialising with other dogs or people.

With support from the SPCA, Traffic Light Bandanas is an awesome idea. We are happy that our bright and friendly solution is reflective of the objectives Margie and the team set out to create.

Check out the colourful website here!