Extended Summer 🌞 Shut Down - Heads Up

Like most of us our team have not stopped this year aside from our special "Nope Day" we had a few months back. Recharging and resetting is key to ensure 2021 can be tackled effectively and that means an office shut down period of 18th December 2020 through 18th January 2021. 😊

We will be working hard to deliver upfront our services, setting in place automated schedules and preparing our systems to perform over the shut down.

Business-critical services will and always are available, if your digital channel or platform is affected in some way we will resolve it and with speed.Β 

What this means is if you expect to require services over this period we need to know and with haste so we can prepare in advance. Please emailΒ the office to arrange a discussion or otherwise rest assured if you have an SLA these are in hand.