Shopify Meetup Number Two

The second Shopify Meetup of the year was held in April. We really enjoyed connecting with many of our fellow Shopify users and partners with a night full of insights, food and laughter.

The theme of the April Meetup was ‘Purely Customer Experience’ and how the focus switches with the role you uptake. We had a variety of speakers that included:

Margie from Murrays Vets: Margie is the owner and founder of Traffic Light Bandana it is an eCommerce store using the Shopify platform. The site sells coloured bandanas to let the public know the level of caution they should take when around your dog. Margie talked about her experience with the platform and its usability from a business owner’s perspective.

James from Punch Marketing: James talked about his journey to becoming the owner and founder of Punch. He discussed the transition from offline to online sales platform’s and the exciting initiative - 360 media to catch people's attention straight away. Also a popular way to get users to interact with your content. Punch is the only agency in Dunedin that runs this service so has found it to be extremely popular in businesses around the city.

Bekah from Firebrand: Our very own Marketing Manager Bekah, shared her perspective from an agency perceptive the importance of branding for customer experience. She talked about some of our recent eCom success stories, such as Whaiora, Temple+Co and Sub24. All of which Bekah works with closely.

Our next meetup will have a development focus, so if you are interested keep an eye out for the announcements, dates and speakers.