Client Spotlight: GetHomeSafe

GetHomeSafe is always evolving, with a constant flow of new features for its users. If the safety of your workforce is on that strategic plan you should absolutely have GetHomeSafe on the potential provider list.

With nearly 7 years of development and growth realised it is incredible to see where Get Home Safe has arrived. Recent new features developed include:

  • Enterprise dashboard: allowing you to track activities from all your organisations on the same single view display.
  • Call Centre support: Enterprise level clients can now centralise their GetHomeSafe monitoring in a Call Centre. A complete follow-up process was added to GetHomeSafe to ensure the safe and accurate monitoring of alerts by the Call Centre.
  • Spot NZ Integration (phase 2): Last year GetHomeSafe started supporting this external GPS Device and allows you to use these in parallel with the GetHomeSafe app to be tracked even when 3G/4G coverage is non-existent (remote location, planes etc…). Phase 2 added the ability to message compatible devices from the dashboard, improved tracking, added the ability to quickly visualize where unused GPS devices are on the dashboard map and more.

More new features in the pipeline and coming very soon:

  • Ability to create activities directly from the dashboard, without using the app, only using a GPS device for tracking.
  • Single Sign-On allowing users to login with third-party systems (Google, Microsoft Azure AD etc..)
  • And, of course, GetHomeSafe is always improving on security, design, devices compatibility.

Get in touch with Boyd and the team at GetHomeSafe today.