Robin Hood Branding & Website

The fabulous team behind the Savour Society reached out to us in the depths of lockdown to work with them on the branding of an exciting new high-end product, Robin Hood, handcrafted vodka-fusions.

The Brief

Tobias & Bianca Hoeta wanted a brand that promoted an elegant and premier style, with a subtle hint of 'fairy tale'. Their unique ready to drink (RTD) incorporated three distinct tea flavours mixed with organic vodka, crafted right here in Dunedin. The Savour Society wanted a logo design, labels for their cans, a fresh website, and strategic brand positioning for Robin Hood moving forward.

The Solution

Robin Hood celebrates a healthier approach to drinking, using premium quality natural ingredients with no sugar, a drink to be sipped and enjoyed, the goodness doesn't end there though, Robin Hood's philosophy is "to improve the well-being and sustainability of our communities". 

So with all of this in mind Firebrand created a sophisticated new logo, can labels and packaging that encapsulates an elegant and premium looking product with health, giving, kindness and community at its core. 

The website is a reflection of all of these qualities, it breathes life into the story behind Robin Hood and provides a place for those stories yet to come, the styling is representative of our favourite fairy tales infused with elegance and whimsy, the perfect platform to promote this stunning product check it out here

The Result

The result is a classic and sophisticated logo design, can labels and website that encompasses the boutique Dunedin bar scene and positions its product into an organic premium liquor market. Firebrand was honoured to work alongside Tobias & Bianca as their digital and design partners through this new brand creation and to showcase the Savour's Society delicious range of Robin Hood drinks to the digital world. 

P.S. did you spy the mysterious little fox on their home page? This beautiful illustration was created by Tobias' brother Gabriel Davies.