How We Roll at Christmas Time!

It has been said, Firebrand knows how to throw a party. And our Christmas party is the biggest party we throw.

For those in the know, the Firebrand Christmas Party is quite an event. Every year our Social Club put their heads together and try to out do the previous years' shenanigans.

Normally, "what goes on tour stays on tour" but you seem like a pretty cool bunch, so here's what 2019 looked like.

Saturday the 7th, 11:00am had the team and families meet up at Megazone for the most epic games of Laser Tag - Kids vs Adults. 

Happy to report the adults still hold dominance, but only just.

Lunchtime saw a pizza powered picnic with a touch of touch rugby to assist with running off the sugar and carbs.

We sent the kids home and got ourselves ready for a private room at Vault 21. The meal was amazing and the infamous Court session hosted by the Right Honourable Rebecca Twemlow and the prosecuting attorney Paul Twemlow saw many convictions.

There was some dancing and singing but then my memory is somewhat hazy. 

Needless to say, a celebration is only as good as the people you invite... and that is why we have the best parties.

Have a lovely relaxing break and we will see you all in 2020.