Adding both a deputy Chair and a Presidency to the list of roles. Does Bex ever sleep I hear you say...

Safe to say, I am a super passionate Dunedinite and as a result, I have added another couple of feathers to this cap - this time as Deputy Chair of the Otago Chamber of Commerce and from April the President of the Octagon Chapter of BNI (Business Networking International).

Sleep will come later and right now I am embracing the time and opportunities presented to advocate for what I know to be the Best Small City in the World.  Starting, building and growing business here in Dunedin is such an incredible blessing.  We honestly don't know how very lucky we are until we get out and see it for what the world really is.

The Otago Chamber of Commerce - advocates for business and organisations to prosper - what better platform than that for me to embrace and play a supporting role in leading!

BNI Octagon - weekly breakfast networking and business referral giving, the best of both worlds and again, an opportunity to celebrate each and every week the great things Dunedin has to offer and the incredible businesses around the table.

If you would like to learn more about either - Hit Me Up for a coffee!