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The toolkit; Youth Employment Success, really is something close to all of our hearts. This is why we've been so involved in bringing it to life through "all of the things" from branding and marketing strategy, video and photography, through to web platform development, event management and community engagement.

the brief

Funded by the Ministry of Social Development, Firebrand were asked to develop an initiative that would emphasise and highlight Dunedin's youth unemployment issue. We proposed to engage the business community and take action! Starting from the ground up with a naming and branding tactic then on to building the strategy for the campaign, we've worked tirelessly to create an ongoing web, design and marketing solution focussed on making a real difference in our community and throughout New Zealand.

the solution

The Youth Employment Success campaign includes a comprehensive website that celebrates and promotes businesses who meet the criteria of 'Youth Friendly' and provides an easy way for others to get involved and take ownership of our youth unemployment issue. Our work to date includes 100% of our in-house services. From branding, web development and graphic design, through to marketing strategy, implementation and video, photography and copywriting. We also brought in some other talented creatives to deliver this mammoth campaign including Chris Motion of Kit Royal who provided a mass of stunning videography for the starter stage and Ryan Helliwell from OneZero for additional design grunt early on.

Engaged Young People
Employment Opportunities Delivered

the results

It continues to grow from strength to strength. We love seeing our campaign evolve as more employers get on board and more youth take advantage of the opportunities on offer. Since 2016, an estimated 5,460 young people have engaged with the programme. We now have 74 youth friendly employers, providing over 800 employment-based opportunities to young people of all shapes and sizes. While we can’t take all the credit, we’re thrilled to see that since the implementation of Youth Employment Success, the number of 18-24 year olds in Dunedin in receipt of a benefit has decreased by 14.5%. The campaign recently took home two Best Awards Bronze Pins for Public Good and Empowering User Experience.

We came to Firebrand with the very simplest of ideas, which was promptly turned into a dynamic brand, full website, and marketing campaign with full stakeholder buy-in. The Firebrand team are a can-do, positive, highly motivated team who go above and beyond for their clients and their community. They have delivered for us something incredibly special, that we are very proud of.
Emma Hamilton

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