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from fiordland to china

The Fiordland Lobster Company is the biggest supplier of rock lobsters (Jasus Edwardsii) in the world. We initially partnered with the team to provide support in bringing their consumer facing brand; Wild Legend to the digital marketing world. Then it became China and now the world!

the brief

The Fiordland Lobster Company export to China through their consumer brand (now) Wild Legend. Previously relationship driven, emerging trends in Chinese consumer shopping meant the importance of a digital presence had never been more important. What was needed was brand positioning, marketing strategy and a new Chinese specific website. The Wild Legend positioning needed to articulate respect of the environment, alongside the wild caught (not farmed) nature. The overall design needed to be simple, highly visual and with a mobile experience at its core.

the solution

The first stage of the project involved the creation of a hefty marketing strategy. We worked directly with Chinese millennials and Sekkei Studio in Shanghai. This meant we were able to align our research, content strategy and tactics with China's ever-changing online landscape. The design for both marketing collateral and the website was informed by the four core values we developed during the strategy process. Showcasing the unique environment through texture and then care through people and process shots the website needed to highlight this attention to care and craft.

Tag Scans on Launch
Tanks Scans on Launch

the results

Now in Hema, G Fresh, Tmall and other Shanghai and Beijing stores, the Wild Legend brand is now without a doubt out in China. Point of sale marketing has connected shoppers with the story of origin. The brand had 794 scans of the tags on initial launch (attached to the lobsters) and 840 tank QR code scans. You can even taste Wild Legend for yourself at Rosie B's in Arrowtown.

Firebrand continue to lead our application of the new branding and creation of new brand assets. Their ability and willingness to respond to our series of urgent projects is much appreciated and a big factor in the rapid progress we’re making, especially within the chaotic new digital channels that are emerging for our very traditional product.
Andrew Harvey, Group General Manager: Business Development. Fiordland Lobster Company

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