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Maher Millions provides men with an opportunity to design their very own personalised shoes. A custom designed, developed and integrated eCommerce solution, branding and ongoing marketing implementation. We're extremely proud of our ongoing relationship with Maher Millions.

the brief

Glen Maher from Maher Shoes approached us with the dream for his new venture and we stepped in to help with all things digital. The website needed to include a customisation feature to design your shoes and the ability to preview these. The addition of The Society allows shoppers to choose a number between one and one million and then have the chance to win during each of the 1,230 draws. To deliver the website our team's expertise in design, user experience, photography, videography, branding, packaging, marketing automation and SEO needed to come into play. 

the solution

Starting with a workshop to drive the brand direction the diversity of the Maher Millions audience became clear, as did their many different motivations. The brand is simplistic, premium and established through gold colouring and a crest-like application. This visual identity was then rolled out across packaging, tissue paper, shoe embroidery and event/point of sale collateral. Our eCommerce solution carries through the key shopper personas identified to aid navigation for all users. The customise functionality steps users through what could be an overwhelming decision simply. To showcase each product in their glory we've combined a 360 degree view, in-situ photography and in time user generated content.


the results

The focus of the digital strategy is to firstly build up a loyal following and establish consumer trust through influencers and user generated activity. Driving traffic through social channel such as Instagram and Facebook and utilising the power of remarketing. Carefully targeted campaigns have then enabled us to direct our different personas to tailored landing pages with messaging and products to suit. We're stuck into social media, pay-per-click and search marketing, Google Shopping, influencer and email marketing. In the first two weeks we saw 140,830 ad impressions and 142,700 post impressions. The store also ranked in the top 4% of Shopify sites launched that week for traffic.

I can not say enough about the team at Firebrand. Whether challenging and improving some of my ideas, identifying markets, launch strategy, branding, advertising, video production, social media and eCommerce development, the team have exceeded my expectations in every single way. Engaging the services of Firebrand has been unlike any marketing/media relationship I have experienced before. They are truly passionate about my business, they fully understand it and are just as pleased to see it succeed as I am. In this way I see Firebrand as a partner in my business not just a hired marketing company.
Glen Maher - Maher Millions Founder

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