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Where Interns Meet Dunedin Industry

JobDUN is Dunedin’s council-backed business internship program, providing a launch pad for businesses and students to come together and discuss summer internship opportunities. JobDUN supports businesses by enabling paid internships to encourage students to stay and work in the city. 

After branding JobDUN, Firebrand was approached to redesign their website in a way that would smooth the entire process and make things as easy as possible for employers and future employees. Our team embarked on a custom design and development of the new website, integrating a simple and intuitive site structure to ensure relevant information was exactly where businesses and interns would go looking. This included redesigning a set of online forms to be completed at the end of every internship, making the reporting process shorter, easy to navigate and more simple to use.

Firebrand are a key sponsor of JobDun and provides all services probono ensuring all funding is directed to those that need it most - the students.