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There are times when you just don’t fit into a box or maybe you just don’t want to, you want something special, unique and “yours”.

Our delivery of custom developed solutions is only limited by your imagination and requirements - anything is possible neatly wrapped up by our full provision of both Functional Design and Development Specifications for Waterfall projects or the alternative Agile Methodology.

Creating custom developed solutions isn’t for the faint hearted and partnering with the right team is of utmost importance - there are cowboys at every corner.  Picking the best platform (Web App or Native App), structured programming language/framework and leveraging off both the technical expertise and practical experience of us; your Agency partner, will result in the most innovative and easily adopted outcome. 

Key considerations when identifying an Agency to partner with should include The Top 5 (as well as a strength in and passion for):

  1. Performance
  2. Quality assurance testing
  3. Usability
  4. Security
  5. Ongoing management and reporting

Custom web and app development the Firebrand way centres around a partnership and of course, of utmost importance is our commitment to time, budget and quality.


We were extremely proud to be a Finalist in the NZ Innovation Awards 2013 for our work on the Internationally acclaimed GetHomeSafe App.  No small feat, and no small project for that matter; GetHomeSafe utilised the full gamet of our services - and more!  GetHomeSafe Corporate is now beginning design and development, due to launch 2015 - a very good example of our longevity of relationship focus.

Aside from the dizzy heights of GetHomeSafe we’ve achieved many other outstanding custom development solutions across all manner of industry and requirements including:

  • Customer/client portals (intranet and extranet)
  • Complex eCommerce integration with external systems
  • Database integration with business systems
  • Order processing/submission systems
  • Membership application services
  • eLearning Modules
  • Mapping and Location based services
  • Inventory Management
  • Donation and Payment systems

‘No’ is not part of our vocabulary, so if you have an “idea” you’d like brainstorm over a cup of coffee get in touch.

A selection of our amazing clients we work with - delivering website development, web app development and mobile app development

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