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If your site can’t easily be found in Google for your industries relevant search queries there’s no doubt at all - you’re losing leads and business.

We know that close to 75% of all internet traffic comes to websites via search engines.  We also know that if you’re not on the first page results (and at a stretch the second) you’re unlikely to be found by your potential customers.

While we deliver all our websites fully optimised for Google search, if you’re serious about seeing first page results in a competitive industry and location that’s only the beginning.

Search results are in a state of constant flux responding to a steady stream of algorithm changes and competitor activity, staying ahead requires ongoing optimisation and SERP (search engine results page) monitoring.

We provide fixed project and ongoing monthly SEO services based on clear KPI’s, to increase organic search engine traffic.

Advanced Analytics and Webmaster tools allow us to provide thorough and detailed reports on SEO success while enabling us to be agile in our methods delivering optimal results for every campaign.

SEO success needs the support of experts who live and breathe it.  We have proven success in improving our clients visibility and results so get in touch if you’d like to discuss boosting your organic rank.


We’ve completed highly successful SEO and SEM projects for clients across a myriad of industries including the very challenging eCommerce environment, with first page organic results seen across all keywords we target.  While specific results are confidential, we’re always happy to discuss where we’ve been successful and why. Reference contact details are available on request.

A selection of clients we work with on search engine marketing and search engine optimisation

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