Marketing and Advertising

Marketing Services

Our full service capability means we deliver everything you need in the way of marketing in house. Designing and implementing campaigns from start to finish - strategy, schedules, design, campaign creation, implementation, monitoring and reporting.

We create multi channel campaigns leveraging Social Media, Pay Per Click, Radio, Print, Search and Web using advanced targeting to generate a return on investment. 

Good campaigns start with a strategy; identifying target markets, competitor reviews, identification of appropriate channels, key messaging - all leading to a complete schedule of activity. 

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Cost per click (CPC) Adwords as well as Remarketing are key methods for advertising digitally. Building multi channel campaigns across Google Adwords and Facebook we manage all your campaign aspects including results tracking, iterating, setting up landing pages and designing targeted adverts.

Our capabilities and proven experience include:

  • Strategic planning and schedules
  • Digital and Social campaigns
  • Competition design
  • Direct Marketing campaigns
  • Print and procurement
  • TV and Radio production
  • PR


Firebrand were nominated as a Finalist in the NZ Innovators Awards (2013) for the Marketing and Communications category. The GetHomeSafe App began with a strategy and culminated in a huge success  - it is now rolling into the strategy identification phase for secondary Corporate version, we look forward to again extending our full service to this outstanding success story.

A selection of clients we love working with to deliver both marketing and advertising results to their bottom line

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