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Rebecca Twemlow

founder / managing director

Rebecca Twemlow


Our Managing Director Bex is passionate about a lot of things but in particular; technology, building high performing teams and growing successful New Zealand businesses. She does just that in leading Firebrand and connecting with people nationwide that can benefit from our expertise. She’s a pro in crafting strategies and campaigns with business goals, and right now she’s in love with platforms that deliver amazing user experience and engagement. 

A fiercely passionate supporter of those in need, the amount of Giving Back Firebrand contribute to the community is highly regarded.

Bex is active in governance roles across the spectrum including Vice President of Otago Chamber of Commerce where she is actively assisting to shape the strategic direction to ensure sustainability and relevance. 


When not working on Firebrand, or supporting community projects she is running around after her two beautiful children; Tayla and Mason. Bex loves getting away with the family to the crib in Otematata for well-deserved relaxation and some water-related sporting action (if it's warm enough).

A reformed lead singer, Bex is an avid Karaoke star meaning it's a regular occurrence at Firebrand for the microphones to come out - just don't ask who wins between her and Paul! Her love for music also means Bex and the rest of the Twemlows are often spotted at multiple concerts every year - especially at our very own Forsyth Barr Stadium.

Rebecca Twemlow

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