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Georgina Guthrie

sales manager

Georgina Guthrie


Georgina keeps the Firebrand engine operating smoothly. With an extensive background in administration, project management and sales Georgina is the perfect person to pair our clients up with. Georgina's role is a mix of sales, relationship management and ensuring internal processes are streamlined.

A particular interest in eCommerce has resulted in her working closely with some of Firebrands biggest brands to deliver their products to the world - want to know about Shopify, TradeVine, and integration Georgina can help. Georgina also has in-depth knowledge of print procurement helping us to deliver the most innovative and high quality printed solutions to budget and deadline. 


When not wrangling large custom projects, print suppliers or the Firebrand team, George can be found at home with her wee lass Indy. Undertaking the odd DIY project at her home such as her brand new bathroom or getting out into the sun on the various walks surrounding our city.

Georgina also spends a fair amount of time at the gym, preparing for her bodybuilding contests as part of the shape category. Alongside this Georgina enjoys her clean eating and learning about nutrition while trying out new recipes. Her dedication to meal prep and healthy lunches puts a lot of us to shame.

Georgina Guthrie

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Sales Manager
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