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Darren Murray

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Darren Murray


Some of what we do is enormous.  We are experts at building BIG custom developed solutions and that level of service demands a level of Project Management that only super experts (like Darren) are capable of - when that is necessary we roll out his big guns!

Darren has his own consultancy based in Dunedin - Complex Theory. He provides a full range of enterprise-level Project Management services to a global list of clients including business, corporate and the public sector - oh, and Firebrand.


Outside of work Darren enjoys collecting and installing lego. It's also not unusual to see him in VR Goggles for most of the weekend. Not because he swims but because he's an avid gamer, really into virtual reality.

Just like most of the team, Darren is a self-confessed Apple addict and loves keeping up with the latest technology, apps, and software.

Darren Murray

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