Mercy Hospital

Information architecture, content and a brand new website for Mercy Hospital, Dunedin.

The Brief

The team at Mercy Hospital engaged Firebrand to design a brand new website including a content overhaul, information architecture rethink and video production. 

The new website had to achieve several goals:

  • Mercy need to communicate who they are and what they do in a simple and effective way.
  • The patient journey should be explained in an easy and informative way, guiding patients through what to expect when receiving treatment at Mercy Hospital 
  • The website should be fresh, professional and accessible.
  • The website should celebrate and inform people about Mercy's community outreach

In order to achieve these goals, an information architecture project was required to provide organisation and effective pathways for website users.

Firebrand's videography team were required to give prospective patients and staff a more immersive view of Mercy Hospital.

The Solution

Firebrand's solution for Mercy Hospital is a modern website that puts patients first. Information is organised into key sections with simple pathways. A subtle colour scheme was used, inspired by Mercy's existing brand. 

The cluttered and confusing menu architecture of Mercy's previous website was overhauled into a simple, organised structure. The patient and visitor journey is arranged into four key stages providing the information people need before, during and after receiving treatment.

The website is fresh and professional with beautiful photography and videography to make visitors feel welcome. Firebrand's amazing videography team of Paul and Jonas did a fantastic job creating several videos explaining Mercy's shared purpose, welcoming patients and staff alike and guiding visitors round the Mercy campus. 

Photography: Sharron Bennett Photography