Ardgour Valley Orchards

Having previously worked with Hortinvest on Deep Creek Fruits, we were excited to team up again for a new project with the intention to appeal to an International market - Ardgour Valley Orchards!

The Brief

Ardgour Valley Orchards is located in Tarras, Central Otago and spreads along 38 hectares of land. New Zealand horticultural specialist Hortinvest and Ardgour Station established a limited partnership to produce a new breed of apricots and cherries for export in early 2023. We were tasked with the creation of a new logo, as well as a landing page to showcase Ardgour Valley Orchards. The brand needed to be designed to appeal to an International market, and represent the 'New Zealand made' story. 

The Solution

Firebrands' solution was to base the new brand around a colour palette that was inspired by the sweet, flavoursome and bright apricots with a gradient of sunny yellow to red. Supported by a rounded, abstract shape of an apricot which is also representative of the sun, the hills and the koru - meaning new life.

The Result

The result is a colourful brand for Ardgour Valley Orchards, and an effective landing page that we are sure will be put to great use at the start of 2023 when the fruit is ready.