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Shopify Meetup February

Shopify Meetup - Pursuit of Personalisation 💵

Bekah McNutt

Last month we held the first Shopify meetup of the year. In a digital landscape where targeting is key, the topic of personalisation couldn't have been more timely.

If you haven't heard, each quarter we hold a meetup for eCommerce lovers whether. In partnership with our favorite platform Shopify these events feature experts speaking about everything from storytelling and marketing to development tricks and fulfillment. 

This month our speakers shared experiences of innovative digital strategies and interactions to create tailored experiences for their audience.

Alex and Bekah, Firebrand - Maher Millions

Alex and I shared a recent eCommerce launch centered around - you guessed it personalisation. Maher Millions allows shoppers to design custom made and embroidered shoes, choosing from a variety of options. In addition to a walkthrough of the custom-built shoe design features, we shared our experience in developing a brand, marketing strategy, and online store. Touching on social targeting and tailored landing pages, marketing automation for customer comms and creating an unboxing experience to foster user-generated content.

Gideon Banks, Shopify - Driving Results with Personalisation

Our second speaker Gideon from Shopify talked to the features of the platform that ensure marketing efforts don't fall flat when users land on an eCommerce store. From Dynamic landing pages to timely popups, Gideon emphasised the importance of creating a seamless experience from advert view to website visit.

Craig Scott, Otago Museum - Martin Phillips and The Chills Exhibition

Lastly Craig, Head of Design at Otago Museum shifted our focus away from digital personalisation to the experiential. Craig talked through a recent award-winning exhibit and the ways in which it was designed to resonate with music lovers and Dunedinites.

As we roll into our sixth Shopify Meetup in a couple of months we're keen to continue grow our community. If you're interested in receiving an invitation to future meetups be sure to follow our social media channels.