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Mobile Device Trends

It's official ! Mobile overtakes desktop computers for ecommerce traffic.

Kate Kidson

For the first time in history more people are using mobile devices than desktop computers to visit online stores. 

Online browsing on mobile devices has been growing steadily and there's no doubt we're glued to our phones and tablets 24/7.   

One of our preferred ecommerce platforms Shopify recently published a blog highlighting just how significant this trend really is. Data collected from over 100,000 online stores on the Shopify platform saw 50.3% of  traffic coming from mobile and just 49.7% from computers. 

The blog identified a number of factors fueling this trend, particularly interesting was the role social discovery played in mobile purchases. 

This data seems to show that computers are being used to search for more commodity-type goods, while social media and mobile are used for more spontaneous, discovery-based purchases.

If you're selling online (or thinking of selling online) the mobile experience is now more important than ever. Alongside ensuring your ecommerce shop is responsive it's also helpful to proactively engage in a range of social and digital marketing to help users discover your site and your products.

When it comes to selling online a holistic approach is best - taking into consideration your branding, social media presence, marketing and content strategy.

If you think you could benefit from stepping up your digital marketing to get the most from the mobile audience, or need some advice on getting the most from your ecommerce store we'd love to help, just get in touch with our team to arrange a coffee and a chat!