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Dunedin Venues Brings Vibrancy With New Website. 

Anthony Doornbos

Dunedin Venues approached Firebrand to create a website that showcased the venues and events within Dunedin, through a site that embodied the energy and vibrancy of this great city. 

Dunedin Venues is responsible for the operation of many of Dunedin’s conference and entertainment facilities, including the Dunedin Centre and Forsyth Barr Stadium. Being a central hub for premier events and entertainment, they needed a clean, clear, easily navigable website as vibrant as the city itself.

The Way Forward.

Dunedin Venues’s previous website had served them well for several years, but had started showing its age with regards to visual impact and navigability. A new site aimed to effectively communicate what Dunedin has to offer and attract exciting new events and entertainment to our great city. Key was making it fun and easy for the public to discover what’s coming up, the new solution needed to be intuitive with streamlined search functions whilst embodying the Dunedin culture.

Custom Website Design and Development.

Here at Firebrand we are staunch proponents for effective design and the promotion of what Dunedin has to offer. So we knew how important this project was and exactly what needed to be done. The Firebrand Dev team really out did themselves this time, crafting a website that incorporated intuitive navigation and graceful responsiveness. Combined in a visual style that makes you almost feel as if you are standing in the related venue, soaking up the ambience. Whether you are planning an event and want to learn about your venue options, the flow of the website will take you to the desired information quickly and logically.

We at Firebrand are particularly proud of the finished product, having crafted a well-streamlined website that will help in Dunedin’s continual move towards being one of the greatest small cities in the world.