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Another three year term for Bex as Director on the Otago Chamber Board? YES! ?

Bex Twemlow

With 4 years already under my belt there was little doubt I was going to go for another term but did our members support me was the question!

And they did.  Thanks for the support and thanks for the confirmation you all support me in what I have been contributing, aiming for and celebrating a little too.

2020 will bring some extraordinary challenges for our fast-growing city - all of which will impact our members, businesses and the community as a whole. From traffic, parking, health services, retailing, hospitality and the ever-changing world of employment.  It is my aim to continue telling the stories, consulting and working towards a better Dunedin and wider Otago.  

Anytime you want to bend my ear on anything of concern or celebratory please don't hesitate to get in touch!



(for now) Deputy President
Otago Chamber of Commerce