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Anglican Family Care Website Feature

Anglican Family Care Strengthen our Community

Rebekah McNutt

A newly launched website helps to highlight the activity, love and services of this well known organisation. 

As an active part of our community since 1970, Anglican Family Care provide social services to children and families in Otago. They support children, parents and individuals in turn restoring well being and enhancing social resilience.

In addition to clearly presenting their services a new website meant Anglican Family Care could continue to grow its profile by highlighting just how active they are in our community.

We developed a design focused around the two main visitor types - those needing support and those wanting to provide it. The website and its Hail integration also ensures their community involvement is at the forefront. Combining a modular design, crisp imagery and bright colour palette we feel our solution captures Anglican Family Care’s fun and approachable nature.

To see all the good they do, head over to Anglican Family Care's website.