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We've been busy working on a very special project for Logan Park High School.

Kate Kidson

A creative forward thinking school Logan Park wanted an online presence that stood out from the crowd and enhanced communications with students, families and teachers. 

Logan Park cleverly identified that creating and sharing student generated content through their site would provide prospective students a glimpse into life at their school. Additionally keeping the site up to date with the latest events and activities would create an active and engaged community of current students, staff and their families.

With the focus on providing rich, frequently updated content the site also needed a modern design, appealing to both an International and domestic audience. Fortunately Firebrand loves a challenge and bespoke solutions are a specialty. We also just so happened to have the perfect collaborative solution at our fingertips.

We set about designing and developing a sleek new online presence with a twist. To deliver a constantly up-to-date and 'living' web presence showcasing the schools latest stories and events we turned to the new superhero content engine Hail. Hail, a local Dunedin Software as a Service (SaaS) startup, are quickly revolutionising how organisations, schools and businesses create, curate, publish and share their content. The recently released cloud based App allows groups of all shapes and sizes to create, collaborate, organise and store all their content and images centrally.

Logan Park keenly embraced Hail, and it quickly transformed their internal content creation processes- as well as their external storytelling.

We then used the very clever Hail Content API to allow the content they publish in Hail to automatically feed into the new website homepage, delivering a constantly up-to-date dynamic site reflecting that latest news and events. Their new site brings Logan Park's online presence alive, content centric, fully responsive, modern and highly engaging - we're undoubtedly very proud of the result.

We'd also like to say a big congratulations to Logan Park for embracing a new way to create content and connect with their audience. We've loved every minute of the project.