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Show stopper Showboat site launches

Kate Kidson

We were excited to work with animation genius Nate Martin to deliver a modern new site for 'Showboat'.  

Team Firebrand are lucky enough to have some pretty great roomates, including the very talented (and can we mention Emmy award winning) Nate Martin, Founder and Creative Director of Showboat.

When it came time for Showboat to showcase their services and incredible portfolio of work with a shiny new website we were excited to pitch in.

Showboat specialise in creating engaging animated videos that promote businesses and drive results in the online space. With motion graphics at the heart of their offering we set to work creating a site that highlighted the power of animation to connect with audiences. A strong colour palette and striking range of graphics supplied by Showboat complemented our carefully chosen single page layout, taking users on a journey.

Keeping simplicity, design polish and carefully crafted content front and centre resulted in a site that invites exploration and shows off Showboat's capabilities to the fullest.

Take a look, and if you ever need an animated video to wow your audience's socks off you'll know who talk too ...