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Top Lunch Spots for Team Firebrand

Louis Fiddy

A good workday take out lunch needs to be fast, reasonably priced and above all, tasty. Here are a few of our favourite lunch spots.

The Asian
43 Moray Place,, fast and delicious, The Asian has a broad selection of Chinese and Asian fusion dishes.

Try: BBQ Pork with Bok Choy


15 Princes St, Dunedin
Our favourite kebab place in Dunedin, Dost is great value if you're feeling hungry.
Combination Kebab

Good Good
22 Vogel Street,
Possibly the most hipster restaurant in Dunedin. Cooking in a caravan? Check. Vintage car and motorbike? Oh yes. Craft beer on tap? You bet. It's hard to deny that the burgers are amazing, though.
Try: Buttermilk Fried Chicken Burger


125 Vogel Street,
Precinct has an awesome selection of homemade filled flatbreads and cakes. Our favourite thing about this place is that the selection is different every day.
Try: Flatbread Wraps

The Jitsu
133 Lower Stuart St., Dunedin
1 Queens Garden,
Popular with just about everyone at Firebrand, The Jitsu serves fantastic Japanese food.
Try: Chicken Katsu Curry