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Full Service Project Brings Brand to Life

Kate Boreham

A project we've lived, breathed and loved for nearly a year is now live! We're proud to introduce you to a revolution in natural skincare, Sub24. 

Carolyn Armstrong approached Firebrand armed with an amazing passion for her products and a vision to successfully launch her natural skincare range to market both online and in stores.  

The story begins where many stories of successful entrepreneurs do, with the discovery of a need. In this case a need for natural skincare products designed specifically for young skin. With two teenage daughters, one with particularly sensitive skin, Carolyn explored the range of skincare options from well known brands and found most laden with synthetic chemicals and ingredients that caused irritation to sensitive skin. Struggling to find an affordable range that used only natural high quality ingredients the Sub24 journey began. 

After years of research Carolyn developed the first set of products in her skincare line, a cleanser, moisturiser and scrub. All three were created using only the best quality active botanicals known for their various skin healing and nurturing properties. With the products created, tested, refined and then refined some more the next step was to develop a brand that reflected her ethos and vision that: "beauty is being the best possible version of yourself inside out". The brand needed to reflect this holistic approach, where a good skincare routine combined with a healthy diet and exercise would be promoted to synergistically deliver glowing healthy skin.

Firebrand set up a project team including Georgina, Kate, Katy and Rebekah, bringing a wealth of expertise to the table. Developing a complete project plan we identified the required steps to bring the products to market successfully; from brand, packaging, content writing, collateral design, eCommerce site design & development to marketing. 

We began by working through what made Sub24 unique, identifying where the brand should be positioned and considering how it would standout from the plethora of brands vying for consumers attention on crowded shelves. It needed to appeal to both mothers, their young daughters and women in their 20's. In response to a detailed brief Creative Director Katy developed a brand that positioned Sub24 in the premium end of the market and gave it a clear identity of its own.

Next came product packaging, it was vital the tubes would stand out on the shelves of stockists, making an impact. Carolyn was seeking a fresh new approach that didn't rely on the usual colour palette and visual identifiers of a 'natural' skincare range. The resulting packaging was a refreshing take on natural skincare using a modern colour palette of charcoal and pink. We then drew on our copywriting experience to support the development of product names and descriptions that evoked the fresh, energetic, youthful nature of the range.

While bricks and mortar retailers were always part of the distribution plan an online sales channel was also a must. We designed and developed a responsive Shopify ecommerce site that had a strong focus on social media, integrating with Instagram. We highlighted the holistic ethos of the brand with a lifestyle focused blog to share Carolyn's knowledge of the value of natural skincare and balanced approach to health. Advising on imagery, site content and domain identification the resulting site established a cohesive brand identity while effectively highlighting the product range and it's benefits. 

Integrating a reviews app designed to boost shoppers' confidence with trustworthy, verified reviews and a loyalty scheme to drive repeat purchases and build brand preference we kept conversion optimisation top of mind through every inclusion. Review apps in particular deliver highly effective social proof that can increase conversion rates by around 2.5%! 

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To ensure a successful launch we undertook extensive research and built a detailed marketing strategy focused on meeting key objectives that included building brand awareness, creating an engaged community on social media and of course driving product sales. While the business grows Firebrand are continuing to manage the Sub24 social media accounts, creating content schedules and posting to Instagram and Facebook. Launch marketing activity has also included the creation and management of Facebook photo contest designed to build the social media audience and ensure instant brand visibility with the target audience. 

The project has seen the full range of Firebrand's expertise utilised, from branding, design, copywriting, website design and development to the creation of a marketing strategy and its implementation. We have loved working alongside Carolyn to help bring her vision to life and her truly amazing products to market. We can't wait to see the brand grow and the range expand in the years to come! If you've been looking for natural skincare that really works, even for the most sensitive skin, we recommend trying the Sub24 range – we sure you'll love it as much as we all do!