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Getting online - so what's all the fuss about?

Kate Kidson

Did you know 62% of New Zealand businesses don't have a website? 

If you've ever wondered just how important it is to get your business online consider this:

97% of NZ consumers search online for information about products and services

We think every business needs a website, but it’s not just about having a website. While a well designed website can enhance the perception of your business, increase sales and be one of your greatest marketing assets a poorly designed or out of date site can do can do the opposite.

A key consideration for websites today is how they display and perform on mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets are fast overtaking desktops as the preferred method for browsing online and while mobile searching continues to grow astronomically many websites simply aren’t optimized for these devices. Smaller display and screen sizes require a different approach to how content is laid out, and recent research shows that if a website doesn’t work well on mobile devices 72% of people will move on to another site that does. That’s a lot of lost business and frustrated customers if your site isn’t optimized for mobile!

To provide the best user experience on any and all devices, we recommend responsive web design to all our clients. A responsive site modifies its layout, images and font sizes dependent on the device, delivering fluid reading and navigation and removing the irritation of resizing, pinching and zooming to try and navigate the site. If you’re undertaking a new web project responsive web design is a must, ensuring your site works seamlessly across thousands of different devices.

A final (but invaluable) piece of advice when investing in a website – don’t expect to simply ‘build it and they will come’. Take a think about how your target audience will find your website, have a marketing plan in place for launch and beyond and seriously consider different digital strategies to drive traffic to your site from email marketing to SEO and pay per click advertising.

If you'd like to get your business online or enhance your existing presence get in touch for a chat.