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Big brother is watching!

Paul Twemlow

"Hey Paul, what's the deal with the CCTV in the workplace ya creepy bugger?!" Funny you should ask...

Why are we doing this now?

Since Firebrand is now playing in the big sandpit with Government contracts, they want to know we have the right security procedures in place and me saying, "Nah, the lock on the door should be al'ight," wasn't cutting it for Bex's BFF, Jacinda.

Jacinda and Bex 

What is being recorded?

Well, actually in the general work day. Nothing. No really. After hours, the camera will give notifications of when movements set off the camera and then it will start recording. Ideally, so that if the baddies try to break-in to the Firebrand fortress, the camera will notify the app and record them for later analysis and identification.

What can you see?

Good question. We have four cameras covering most of the building. Front and back door, bottom of the stairs and the meeting room. This is the best coverage to get a good look at the baddies if they breach the Firebrand bunker. Have a look at our below gallery.

The Tech side. 

The cameras are called Arlo Pro 3: A wide angle lens sees 160 degrees, Great in low light, recording in 2K with the capability of triggering a loud alarm, turning on lights and recording sound. Pretty cool tech. Happy to show anyone who wants to geek out with me.

Is this even legal?

Sure... I mean yup. Yes, it is legal in Aotearoa. We have to have couple of signs up saying that our premises are monitored by CCTV 24/7 and staff need to be aware of the use of cameras. I am pretty sure we have some awesome designers to make a funky CCTV sign.

What do I need to do differently?

Not a single thing. Come to work and don't worry about a thing. Even if you come in out of work hours, don't worry. Admin will see it's you and not call the Coppers.

Anything else?

That's about it. Happy to discuss with you any concerns you may have.