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Happy smiley clients give great feedback...

Client feedback — 'love it' — thought you might too.

Rebecca Twemlow

There is no better moment than when a client expresses their thanks for a piece of work, we relish this and recognise we are only as good as both our last piece of work and the conversation others have about us!

To be a little more specific, below is some feedback we recently received following an initial Brand Presentation to a client. This went particularly well as you can see...

"I could build a statue in Katy’s honor". Phil was speechless, I have never seen him like that.  Satisfied?  Yes, absolutely.  Phil's exact words after {the unveiling} were:

“I was absolutely speechless when she showed it to me, It hit me, I didn’t know what to say. We love it"

Well, so do we and thanks for expressing your thoughts!