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K9 Chic on Laptop 

Murrays Veterinary Clinic Websites

Oli Jones

Not one, not two but three and one more on the way! We have been busy here at the Firebrand creating 3 sites that have now all been launched and now we are moving on to one big site that overarches all of them. Murray’s Veterinary Clinic based on the Taieri offer many services and these websites help capture the values that they have as a Vet Clinic. 

K9 Chic

K9 chic is presented within a vibrant colour palette and beautiful imagery to truly represent their extensive list of fantastic services tailored for each and every dog, including Conditioning Treatments and Hygiene Clips.

Traffic Light Bandanas

Traffic Light Bandanas is an eCommerce store that sells coloured bandanas in a traffic light colour palette that are used to represent the danger of dogs. Green giving you the all clear and being able to approach the dog with ease, Orange meaning you should practice caution because the dog can be unpredictable and the red bandana representing the colour of danger and warning that the dog should not be approached. This colourful and fun website is helping take the guesswork out for everyone.

Open Plains

A topic that is less talked about - saying goodbye to your animal companion is sometimes just as hard as farewelling a family member. The site that we created for Open Plains represents how caring the team are at Murray's Vets with saying goodbye in the right way. The Pet Cremations centre offer you a personalised way of saying goodbye.

After finalising and launching the three sites, Murray's wanted a solution that would tie all of their services together and have an overarching site that would help showcase all of the services they can perform with justice. That is currently in the development stages so keep an eye out for the site in the coming months.