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Internships at Firebrand

Emma Turner

From hands on experience to getting a sneak peak into what the industry is like behind closed doors, our past and present interns want to share their perspectives with you on what interning at Firebrand is like.

Jake (2015-2016)

"I joined Firebrand as an Intern through the annual Sexy Summer Jobs programme and was on board for close to 14 months whilst I finished my studies at Otago Uni. Interning with the team was incredibly valuable in helping apply what I was learning at uni to real life projects and businesses. It’s also helped me in my ongoing work life, having learnt skills and ways of thinking from such a diverse team.”

Rachel (2018)

“Aside from meeting a fantastic group of people, my time at Firebrand reignited the passion I have for design and gave me insight into the dynamics of client-designer relationships. Working side by side the team developed my appreciation for the design process whilst the discussions and design time let me use the skills I have learnt over the past four years at Massey University. Upon arrival for my final semester I felt equipped and ready to utilise the knowledge I had gained, to produce a final project that will make a difference. Most importantly, my time at Firebrand reassured me that I am entering the perfect industry for me!”

Emma (2017- Present) 

“As an intern at Firebrand, I regularly get asked by friends if it involves running around making coffees and doing the work that no one wants to do. I can assure you that it is far from it! Interacting with real world projects has really helped me gain knowledge about the industry. When I first began I had no clue what I was doing or how involved the industry actually was. Now in my last year of studies at Otago Uni, the team at Firebrand has helped me experience and develop my knowledge of all facets of the digital and marketing world outside of the classroom environment. Without the help of the incredible team at Firebrand I would not have established my drive to use my degree in the way that I am and for that, I cannot thank them enough for supporting and mentoring me through that process”

For any questions about the role that interns play within our team or the work they do, email us to find out more!

AND Sexy Summer Jobs is back for 2018 - visit the website (awesome site isn't it?) and get in amongst it.