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Dave Cull's DLE Flyer

A Month of Flyers, Hoardings and Busbacks

Georgina Guthrie

As true advocates for growth and pride in our little city, our latest procurement challenge came about through the need to inform voters about some of the local body election candidates and their beliefs. 

Coordinating mail drops and various signage options was no small feat especially when it meant reaching over 165,000 people. The project started a couple of months ahead of polling day with planning including sourcing quotes, booking printers and plotting out delivery times and the dates artwork would need to be developed.

The suite of collateral for the candidates included over 165,000 DLE flyers delivered city-wide, to inner-city, Mosgiel and rural residents. The flyers took 7 days to go through the printer in stages meaning clear file prep and naming was a must. Coordinating the distribution ensuring each candidate's collateral arrived in mailboxes at the peak times of voting.

Throughout the voting period signage is a must; 81 core flute signs were designed and printed. A massive undertaking for our printers, Dunedin Print, who turned these around without any problems.  Alongside these signs were large scale canvas banners, trailer and building signs.

Spotted around the city were also a series of bus designs, one for Kate Wilson promoting voting and the others for both Dave Cull and Chris Staynes highlighting key messages and policies.

“Dealing with Georgina, Katy and Rebecca on this huge project was an absolute pleasure. It was such a pleasure to receive professional files and deal with such a well organised successful team.” Steve Rogan, Dunedin Print.

The huge procurement undertaking has strengthened our already brilliant relationship with Steve and the team at Dunedin Print. The key to everything running smoothly was communication and clarity.  Check out some of our outputs in the gallery below.