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My JobDun Internship 2019

Jonas Tawharu

My Internship wrapped up in under 30 seconds.

The first day!

On my first day, I was expecting to get a stack of hard drives dumped on my desk. Instead, I was greeted by a friendly group of talented individuals who quickly welcomed me to the team. In my time here I have learned how to use professional camera gear in a way to create commercial videography. I have also learned how to use a variety of creative software. Learning while I am working has been great as everyone is clued up with the design and technical stuff and they have been more than happy to help. 

Best parts of my Internship

  • Dressing up at Mercy while filming:
Filming in a surgery theatre...

  • The YES soundtrack (great, until you listen to it over 100 times a day!)
Sonic nightmare
  • First court session at this years Christmas Party
Jonas Tawharu
Jonas Tawharu

  • Meeting the Team

So here is my internship wrapped up in under 30 seconds. 

My internship in < 30 seconds Jonas Tawharu