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eCommerce Retailers - been considering Branded Wrapping Paper?

Georgina Guthrie

Firebrand is known for helping out up and coming businesses - we received some well-targeted direct marketing from the team at NoIssue and felt they were worthy of a shoutout! 

NoIssue provides custom designed retail wrapping paper with your branding. The aim of the young NZ company is to to provide Graphic Designers and small business owners with an easy way to order small runs of custom designed wrapping paper.

The challenge they currently face is that before they build an online sales platform they are wanting to gather some customer feedback and start with a handful of manual orders.

Interested in getting yourself a small run? Explore the printing guidelines attached or get in touch directly with Josh ( for more information. We're also happy to impart some design advice if you're looking for something a little more detailed.