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Youth Employment Success Campaign Launch

Jake McKay

A massive, full-service project, everyone on our team has touched this project aimed at paying it forward and supporting local youth into successful employment.

Funded by the Ministry of Social Development, Firebrand were approached to help develop an initiative that would bring Dunedin's youth unemployment issue to the forefront and engage the business community to take action! Starting from the ground up with a naming and branding then on to building a strategy for the campaign, we've worked tirelessly to create an ongoing web, design and marketing  solution set to make a real difference in our community.

So what was our plan of attack? Starting with workshops and research to pinpoint the underlying factors contributing to Dunedin's prevalent unemployment issue, we soon realised that local businesses needed to be part of the conversation. There were some amazing organisations already hiring and supporting our youth and we needed to take this wider - growing awareness and ultimately creating new opportunities for youth among the wider business community. With this in mind, we created a scheme that promotes local businesses who are supporting  our youth and a multi-channel marketing plan to inspire and incentivise others to do the same. 

The Youth Employment Success campaign includes a comprehensive website that celebrates and promotes businesses who meet the criteria of 'Youth Friendly' and provides easy ways for others to get involved and take ownership of our youth unemployment issue. 

Our work  to date  includes all our in-house services. From branding, web development and graphic design, through to marketing strategy, implementation and copywriting. We also brought in some more talented folks to deliver this incredible campaign including Chris Motion of Kit Royal provided a mass of stunning videography and photography, Ryan Helliwell from OneZero for additional design grunt and Sarah Chatfield for a youth jobseeker perspective.

The campaign, Youth Employment Success, really is something close to our hearts and not just because we have been so involved in bringing it to life. For our city to continue to thrive and grow we need to engage our young people, give them opportunities like we were at the beginnings of our careers and help them discover their strengths and passions. 

You don’t have to employ youth to get involved - though it would be great if you did! We also want to generate a range of different types of opportunities, this can be as simple as an informal conversation over coffee or a business walk-through. Helping youth up-skill, gain professional skills or build confidence is vital in establishing more resilient businesses.

We recommend you get online to the website: explore the range of opportunities, resources and see the incredible local businesses who are already on-board.

Keep an eye out for more Youth Employment Success news and say YES to Youth Employment Success!