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Funeral-Link Directory Site Launches 

Kate Boreham

Funeral-Link's new site launches, bringing something a little different to the table with an online articles section dynamically updated from content engine Hail. 

Funeral-Link is a group of like-minded funeral firms that thrive on looking after families and their local communities. With only one member in each area they share ideas to enhance the levels of service to their client families. 

With a desire to update their web presence to a modern responsive design Funeral-Link had the families that would be using the site top of mind. Their goal was to ensure it was a useful resource for them, as well as for all the Funeral-Link members. 

To keep the site constantly evolving and offering new content to the target audience it would feature a growing series of articles covering topics from  'The Importance of Funerals' to 'Support' and 'Thinking Ahead'. 

Using Hail, a collaborative online content creation and publishing tool all the Funeral-Link Members could easily participate in creating these articles. Not to mention photos could easily be added and contributed as well. 

Using the Hail API we built an 'articles' page that would pull through the content published in Hail - keeping the site content fresh and up to date, as well as easily allowing multiple members of the Funeral-Link group to get involved with producing and publishing the content.

The new site is fresh and modern, providing families with an easy way to find a Funeral-Link Funeral Home - wherever they are across the country. Keeping their focus on excellence at the fore-front the new website is unlike any other Funeral Industry site. 

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