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Pauls look back on the first 10.

Paul Twemlow

We are incredibly grateful to everyone for everything - you all know who you are, without your encouragement, support, kindness, love and understanding we would not be who and what we are today.

The year is July 2009. Harry Potter was in the Cinema, The Black Eyed Peas told us, I Gotta Feeling and Firebrand (nee Fireweb) opened the doors with 4 people, no customers, no portfolio and smack bang in the middle of the Global Financial Crisis.

We had a 22 month old girl, Bex was pregnant with number 2 and this certainly seemed like the best time to start our first business. Well, I can say this now. 

Milestones are a fantastic acknowledgement of how far we have come, the lessons we have learnt and the wins and losses, whilst keeping people at the heart of our journey.  And we have so many people to thank. 

From our family, who have helped share the load of a business, with pickups, drop offs and helpful advice. 

To our team - both past and present. We stand upon the shoulders of so many who have gone before us and our portfolio is a testament to all the Firebrand people who have contributed along the way.

And last but absolutely not least - our clients and our community.  None of this was possible without you trusting us with your Brand, School, Organisation or Business. I know you sing our praises to others because our success comes from your kind words and referrals. 

So let's go! 

Join us for the next 10 years, while we continue to Start, Build and Grow NZ Businesses with attitude!