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Wild Legend Tote Bag

Keeping up with Wild Legend

Katy Miller

Fiordland Lobster Company has had a momentous year. To celebrate the launch of our Wild Legend brand, AGM attendees received a very special swag bag.

Complete with an eco-safe stainless steel drink bottle, pen, pad and an exclusive invite to an event later this year, all packaged in a high-quality cotton tote. We think these swag bags are "on point" and deliver a classy introduction to the new brand

Tricks and Tips

Here are our top tips to keep in mind when selecting promotional swag;

  • Get samples, try it out, test it and try to break it. The tactile nature of an item makes all the difference; a silver plastic pen that looks like metal but doesn't feel like it is never a good look. It may portray a cheap brand image,  if you believe your product is quality, show it. How easy is the item to break? Cheap doesn't last.  
  • Ask yourself who is the recipient? Is this going to be something they want to use and reuse? The more they use it the more your brand is seen. For Wild Legend many of the recipients were the fisherman, so a stainless drink bottle was a perfect durable option. 
  • What is your brand personality? Are you traditional, edgy or quirky - understanding your brand will help you pick the items to include. From temporary tattoos, aprons to flash drives and beach balls - if you can imagine it,  you can brand it.  
  • Think about the context in which your audience will receive your swag. If it's a conference or meeting situation, give them something useful, give them something to write on and write with? If it's a tradeshow will they be receiving a lot of things? Give them a bag to carry it all.
  • How is it going to be packaged? Loose, gift wrapped or in a tote? What is the unboxing experience?
  • Keep it simple. Simple is classy. 
  • Last but never the least, be mindful of lead times. If you are ordering large quantities or speciality products this will affect your delivery time. 

If you need some swag (aka corporate gifts), or simply love your brand and want to see it everywhere, give flick the Firebrand team an email