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Seeking Employers that Support Dunedin's Youth - is that you or someone you know?

Rebecca Twemlow

YES (Youth Employment Success) are seeking employers in Dunedin that support Youth - it's all about celebrating the great things - big or small - jobs or opportunities. 

Firebrand are so proud to be responsible for the implementation of YES in Dunedin and as such we want to share that with you.  

Our YES certified organisations can be found here

They are just like you - busy people but not too busy to be conscious of the need to support our Youth in their journey to employment.  This doesn't mean offering a job for the sake of it - it can be the simple act of a coffee, a walk through of your business or a CV review.  That is the only cost to you - a little of your and/or your teams time.

You are probably already doing this! Let us celebrate this, reward and recognise you so our Youth are aware of the fantastic opportunities in Dunedin and also prompt other organisations and employers to do the same - you are the inspiration.

We are focussed on meeting, interviewing, celebrating and spreading the message of YES - Youth Employment Success - if you would like to hear more please get in touch today - Bex, Paul and the team are awaiting your call!

Phone:   03 4773473
Email:  Reply to this email or
Facebook:  YES Facebook Page

Have a great day!