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Murrays Veterinary Clinic iPad

Our furry friends have arrived on Murray's Veterinary Clinic's great new website!

Laura Sutherland

We have recently launched the website for Murray’s Veterinary Clinic, a wonderful veterinary service dedicated to enriching the bond between humans and their animals.

The people at Murray’s Veterinary Clinic practice mixed animal services, as well as offering great advice to keep your animals happy and healthy. Their open clinic option is an easy way to drop in with your pet without an appointment. They also have a puppy preschool available. The 2011 rebuild has seen a lively upgrade for the grounds at Murray’s; the new building was specially designed for animal’s comfort and safety. There are heated cages on ground level, two operating areas, and a private family room.

Our approach for this website was to showcase the love for animals, attention to care and how Murray's think about absolutely every step of a pets visit. Achieved through a visually rich site (how cute are the animals) and a clean and vibrant feel.

Make sure to follow the latest news on Murray’s website. While your there you can learn all about the new colour-coded traffic light bandanas that easily represent how approachable your dog is to strangers and other animals. Murray’s has also provided us with a fantastic series of tips for how to keep vet bills down.

Check out the new website here!