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Teaching our Boarder Collie new tricks

Chamber of Commerce Leadership Training

Paul Twemlow

Can you teach an old dog new tricks? We sent our grey haired, Bearded Collie (Paul) and Husky pup (Alex) away on personal development to see if they can.

Dunedin's finest gathered every Friday morning for 8 weeks to learn from some of the most qualified leaders our district has to offer. Each leader had a different style and managed to work their unique leadership techniques to what ever situation was thrown at them. 

So what new tricks did this old dog learn?

  • Errol Millar - Explained the dangers of "Ego" in leadership and the importance of crisis planning.
  • Carol Melville - Taught us the importance of understanding the challenges of a community and the people involved.
  • Susie Staley - Discussed transparency across all levels of governance. 
  • Steve Silvey - How best to pivot to avoid drop-off.
  • Phil Ker - Taught us the difference between Leadership and Management. And how you can have one without the other.
  • Carolyn King - Everyone reacts differently to change - we need to watch out for one another.
  • Dougal McGowan - There is no "one size fits all" solutions to leadership. It is utilising your own skill-set and continually honing it to be something authentic to your leadership style.

This is certainly a course highly recommended and if you want to know more about leadership style, governance and the training opportunities provided by The Chamber, get in contact with the Cara at the details provided here Otago Chamber of Commerce.