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Safety when dealing with Fire is paramount. 
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Fire & Emergency New Zealand + Silverstripe + Firebrand = Successful Collaboration.

Georgina Guthrie

Careful Planning key to this most excellent outcome. Strategy + Execution = Success.

A phone call while at the gym lead to Firebrand being part of the development team for the Fire and Emergency New Zealand national permitting solution. The goal - the alignment of multiple fire services (both urban and rural) through a new, single and digitally enabled fire service.

Having already developed the Otago Rural Fire Authority permit system in late 2016 our team took the brief and were able to run with it.  We used the Check It's Alright website as the gateway and undertook a tremendous 300 hours development to establish the background functionality needed. We collaborated with agencies "up North" including Libby and Ben & the incredible team at SilverStripe

“Good project managers worry about how they’ll get everything done. Great project managers know that collaboration, negotiation and problem solving are the keys to a successful outcome.” – Amanda Kelly. 

It's fair to say our dev team have been busy completing this project within the 8-week deadline and in true Firebrand style we did so; on budget and on time. It all hinged on a highly detailed project plan including milestones, deliverable requirements for both parties, non negotiable delivery dates and cast in stone budgets along with a seriously impressive Google Sheet listing the functional requirements and full features enabling our team to successfully deliver. PHEW!

Take a look at our functionality in action over on Check It's Alright.