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NZ Chamber of Commerce Conference...Invercargill showcase the region and wow attendees!

Rebecca Twemlow

The NZCCI Conference was recently held in Invercargill and I attended as Vice President of the Otago Chamber. The speakers were phenomenal, the learnings from the "unconference" enormous and the celebrations....epic!

The sun was shining and with attendees from across the country - dynamic leaders with enormous pride for the Chamber and an interest in furthering the success of all it was a most excellent conference.

Huge congratulations to all involved in making the conference such a success.  With an amazing array of speakers, we were challenged and left with much to ponder.  

Of considerable impact for me was the 4 Day Week founders; Andrew Barnes and Charlotte Lockhart. Something I have been pondering for many months and hearing direct from Andrew the impact this has had Internationally means it is firmly on our Agenda as a team to work through.  If your organisation is interested in the benefits that can be received start with this TedX:

Another focus on this conference was on point for us all - how are organisations like the Chamber of Commerce relevant in this new business world, how do we shape ourselves to continue to deliver value and of sustainable. The sharing amongst chambers was open, transparent and honest.  I came away knowing we are all in this for the best of reasons and together we are strong.

Some photo's attached....much fun to be had in amongst the serious of course!