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Louis Fiddy

The Firebrand developers enjoyed an informative and entertaining evening at Code Craft Dunedin at the start of July.

Andrew Soundy from the Computer Vision team at Scott Technology presented a fascinating talk on robotic solutions installed by Scott at a meat processing facility. Scott Technology (a Firebrand client we are pretty proud to work with) specialise in the design and manufacturing of automated production, robotics and process machinery.

Andrew gave an excellent overview of the technology implemented by Scott and how his team has overcome the challenges involved in designing safe and efficient solutions. Video footage of the robots in action was particularly impressive, showing the incredible speed and accuracy in which they can move, butcher and process different cuts of meat. Andrew followed the talk by taking some questions from the clearly intrigued audience. Andrew’s presentation was a fantastic showcase for state-of-the-art technology designed right here in Dunedin.

Following Andrew’s presentation, Code Craft organiser Chris Mein presented an interesting talk on Geographic Information Systems and a project he’s involved in developing an accurate map of the University of Otago campus. Chris discussed the varying quality of data sources that the project has to draw from and the challenges involved in normalising this data. Chris posed the question “what makes a useful map?” and showed some entertaining slides of various Dunedin maps created over the years, both good and bad!

If you wish to attend Code Craft Dunedin, you can find out more on the Meetup page.