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There's never a bad time to rebrand.

Taryn Ormbsy

Rebranding gets a bad wrap as a major undertaking and often gets put in the 'too hard' basket. We're not saying it's easy, but when done right, there can be a lot of positives to a rebrand. Here are 3 reasons why, if you are thinking about it, you should!

1. It's an opportunity to strengthen your brand presence.

Rebranding shows that you recognise the need to evolve and grow, just as design trends and technology change and evolve over time so do brands. Generally, people don't want to work with stale, old and crusty brands. They tend to follow brands that are fresh, current and cutting edge.

2. You can take your business in a new direction.

Your company may have pivoted, there could have been a change in management or perhaps some negative experience that has affected the way your customers feel about your brand. *Turn it off* like a light bulb and rebrand. If your brand needs a drastic turnaround, rebranding is a way to reposition yourself as a leading-edge company and perhaps leave your company’s tarnished past identity behind.

3. It may never have been done before.

Often when you're just starting out, there aren't the funds to spend or the time to focus on branding. Perhaps the logo was slapped together in a rushed and haphazard way to get the business off the ground and hasn't been looked at since. A deliberate and well-thought-out branding process including a branding workshop and comprehensive marketing strategy could go a long way to making you present a more professional entity and unify your team efforts... a very worthwhile exercise for any business or organisation. 

Whether your company simply needs a facelift or a completely new brand identity to reflect its evolution, rebranding is instrumental in molding the right perception. There’s enormous value in the process as well as in the end result. Take rebranding as a great opportunity to strengthen and reaffirm your company’s identity and values,  internally and externally. 

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Taryn Ormsby -  Mission Specialist