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Coronavirus aka Covid-19 - taking stock of impact and considering the "what if" for our small businesses.

Rebecca Twemlow

None of us are immune to the impact of this ongoing and deadly virus. Yes it has particularly hit those highly lucrative International industries; tech, forestry and energy while New Zealand and Dunedin are clearly feeling the hit from tourism and education.

It is also hurting our small businesses, those that shape each of our everyday lives. From the food we eat, the work we do, the improvements and purchases for our homes and the clothes we wear - daily reminders of the vital role China plays in our local and the global economy. 

It has provided a nudge to us all as business owners and leaders to review our supply chains, probe areas of risk, identify alternative methods and markets. The huge risk to us in reliance on one provider or source is the clear message and the impetus to do something about it - without delay. 

If we can assist in any way get in touch, even if we can't we are likely to know someone who can.

Reach out to your fellow business friends too, check in with them - a sudden change in work programmes, volumes orders and expectations is akin to an asteroid hitting you mid coffee break at times...nothing like sharing the story and feeling listened to.