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Making First Aid training painless

Lynda Henderson

First Aid training is an essential tick box on any businesses Health and Safety compliance list… and learning to save a life is a hell of a lot more fun when it’s not death by Powerpoint.

Rosie, Paul and Lynda headed down to spend what turned out to be an entertaining and educational day with Craig from Workplace First Aid Training

This was a fast-paced, interactive approach to learning through doing. The session covered how to react in an emergency, how to stay safe and help someone by communicating appropriately and administering first aid while staying safe including delivering CPR and using a defibrillator. Did you know a defibrillator during cardiac arrest doubles the chance of the patient's survival? And it couldn’t be easier! Knowing how easy it is, gives us all the confidence to do the right thing at the right time.

Chloe’s recent choking incident on The Block really brought home the seriousness of knowing what to do when it counts. She started choking on her food while laughing at a joke. Happened to us all right? Rival team member Ben performed the Heimlich manoeuvre just in time after a moment of uncertainty.

You have 60 seconds to save the life so make it count!

Did you know you can administer the Heimlich manoeuvre to yourself too?

So make sure those first aid certificates are up to date or sign-up to a Workplace First Aid Training course online whether your a first timer or just need a refresher. Save a life and remember, laughing and eating is dangerous and don't forget to chew your bacon very, very carefully!

Check out how Workplace First Aid Training can upskill your team.